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07/05/2013 VROOM n.144 Euro rule in the USA
Racing, racing and more racing. We bring you the reports of the major karting events in the world, three...

06/03/2013 VROOM n.142 Winter star
After the winter break, things started to get serious in a freezing-cold South Garda circuit in Lonato...

09/01/2013 TKartWeb 2012 Free issue - Number 20
The twentieth issue of TKartWeb 2012 
is NOW online.

03/12/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 18
The eighteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

26/11/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 17
The seventeenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

30/10/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 16
The sixteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb  is NOW online.

04/10/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 14
The fourteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

21/06/2012 TKartWeb - number 8 - 2012 online now!
The eighth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

09/06/2012 TKartWeb - number 7 - 2012 online now!
The seventh issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

29/05/2012 TKartWeb - number 6 - 2012 online now!
The sixth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

open the throttle k4th edition of the ciao thomas knopper memorial Thomas-Knopper
Open the throttle…4th edition of the Ciao Thomas Knopper memorial.
In loving memory 09-08-2009 – THOMAS KNOPPER -  09-08-2014 Five years ago, on 9 August 2009, Thomas Knopper had a fatal accident in a kart race at Liedolsheim. This year the TK Racing foundation, together with Kart-Club Kerpen, is organising the 4th edition of the  Ciao Thomas Knopper Memorial.

the fourth round of the italian aci csai karting championship next k7 september ortona Aci-Sport
The fourth round of the Italian Aci-Csai Karting Championship next 7 september in Ortona
The Final sprint to the title to start in Ortona next 7 September. A lot of drivers can aim to top positions. KZ2 is currently lead by Camplese, KF2 by Maestranzi, KF3 by Garofano, and 60 Mini by Fusco. In a month time, next 7th September, the fourth and penultimate act of the Italian ACI-CSAI Karting Championship will take place at the International Circuit of Abruzzo in Ortona (Chieti) and will open the final sprint for the title that will reach...

After the battles on the track of Kristianstad (S), the highlights of the race to the European titles on RaiSport2
On Wednesday 30th July, at 06:00pm, the delayded broadcast of the Finals; on Friday 1st August, at 10:30pm, the special report with the recap of the race and the predictions for the 2014 season finale. The recap of the race to the 2014 CIK-FIA titles on TV, on Rai Sport 2. The CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 European titles were awarded last Sunday, in Sweden, at the circuit of Kristianstad. In one month, in England, the final round of the European KF and KF Junior...

European CIK-FIA Champs in Kristianstad (S): the pole sitters are Thonon (B – Praga-Parilla KZ), Siebecke (D – CRG-Modena KZ2) and Correa (USA – Energy-TM KFJ).
Tomorrow live streaming on www.cikfia.tv & www.cikfiachampionship.com. The delayed broadcast on RaiSport2 on Wednesday 30th at 18:00. Heats over in Kristianstad. All ready for the final sprint towards the titles. The preliminary phase, the one leading to the Prefinals, is over. The Swedish facility of  Kristianstad, tomorrow, will host the final phase of the CIK-FIA European Championship for the KZ, KZ2 and KF Junior categories. On the 1,231...

surprises kristianstad s during the qualifying of the european cik fia championship best time for hajek cz praga parilla kz tiene crg maxter kz2 and correa usa energy tm kfj WSK
Surprises in Kristianstad (S) during the qualifying of the European CIK-FIA Championship: best time for Hajek (CZ – Praga-Parilla KZ), Tiene (I – CRG-Maxter KZ2) and Correa (USA – Energy-TM KFJ).
On Sunday the live streaming on www.cikfiachampionship.com and www.cikfia.tv, followed by the delayed broadcast on RaiSport 2 on Wednesday 30th at 18:00. Engines on in Kristianstad. The race to the European titles has started. Today, in Kristianstad (S), the event which will award the European CIK-FIA titles for the KZ and KZ2 categories on Sunday has got into top gears. On schedule also the third - out of four - round of the European KF Junior  Championship....

zanchetta wins kz2 final one at the circuit of siena the italian aci csai karting championship Aci-Sport
Zanchetta wins KZ2 Final one at the Circuit of Siena in the Italian Aci-Csai Karting Championship
Celenta retired when in the lead. The other winners: Della Coletta in KF3, Maestranzi in KF2, Bgdanov in 60 Mini. Second round of Finals scheduled for this afternoon at local 14. Live TV coverage on Dinamica Channel. The first finals that took place at the Circuit of Siena on the morning of Sunday 20 July valid for the third round of the Italian ACI-CSAI Karting Championship kept the promise of the eve with a battles on track and some surprises too....

the italian aci csai karting continues its positive string at the circuit of siena Aci-Sport
The Italian Aci-Csai Karting continues its positive string at the Circuit of Siena
148 drivers verified confirmed the positive trend of the Italian Series in the third round of the Championship after La Conca and Sarno. So far, the quickest of KZ2 has been Celenta, pace setter in KF2 was Moretti, Maini in KF3 and in Mini Michelotto. The positive string of the Italian ACI-CSAI Karting continues also at the Circuit of Siena after the first two rounds of La Conca of the 25 May that had 141 drivers on track and the following round of...

after the finals wackersdorf d dreezen b zanardi parilla kz and juodvirsis lt energy maxter kz2 lead the european cik fia champs WSK
After the Finals in Wackersdorf (D), Dreezen (B – Zanardi-Parilla KZ) and Juodvirsis (LT – Energy-Maxter KZ2) lead the European CIK-FIA Champs.
Ota (J) leads the Academy Trophy. On Rai Sport 2 the delayed broadcast on 16th July at 20:00 and special report on 18th at 23:55. The race to the European CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 titles on Rai Sport 2. The 2014 European titles are going to be awarded. The last event of the  European CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 Championship is scheduled in two weeks' time at the Swedish circuit of Kristianstad. The facility will host the third and last round of the Championships...

the cik fia european championship kz and k2 categories and the academy trophy arrive germany wackersdorf next k13th july for their k2nd round WSK
The CIK-FIA European Championship, KZ and K2 categories, and the Academy Trophy arrive in Germany, in Wackersdorf, next 13th July for their 2nd round.
Follow the live streaming of Sunday's events on www.cikfia.tv & www.cikfiachampionship.com. The CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 Championship at its halfway stage. The European Championship for the KZ categories reaches its climax. After the season opener in Genk, the drivers of the shifter categories are going to challenge each others on the Pro Kart Raceland circuit of Wackersdorf (D) in the event which marks the halfway stage of the season. Also the Academy...

formula one management backed formula kart stars junior karting championship launched at british gp Formula-Kart-Stars
Formula One Management Backed Formula Kart Stars – Junior Karting Championship Launched At British GP
Formula 1 driver development teams back UK national junior karting championship for the first time. Former Championship ‘Old Boys’, Lewis Hamilton and Max Chilton were present at the British Grand Prix launch. The completely new for 2015 FKS karts were unveiled at Silverstone. New Formula Kart Stars will allow competitors aged 8-16 to compete in a world-class karting series at a fixed cost, benefitting existing drivers while attracting...

sarno ita campionato italiano karting perform its second round at circuito internazionale napoli Circuito Int. Napoli
In Sarno (Ita) Campionato Italiano Karting perform its second round at Circuito Internazionale Napoli.
Winning board after the double finals with: Three incredible days on Sarno (Ita) on the tarmac of Circuito Internazionale Napoli home of round number two of Campionato Italiano Karting promoted by Italian ASN ACI. With 149 drivers as participants divided on the national four classes, the iper competitive KZ score a rooster of 58 drivers signing a really positive viaticum for next October Cik FIA events for the category. Of course, in Sarno! Campionato...

big success for the first event of the k2014 academy trophy Parolin Racing Kart
Big success for the first event of the 2014 Academy Trophy
After a season of transition, the CIK-FIA has given a new impetus to the Academy Trophy in 2014. Through well-organized promotion, the entry was quickly filled almost to capacity at the first event held at Genk in Belgium. For Parolin Racing Kart, the technical partner to the Trophy since its inception in 2010, there is the satisfaction of facilitating the intense competition that fulfilled all of its promises. The 2014 CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy...

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TM racing
mir dresses tm racing
MIR dresses TM racing
18-07-2014 | 
In these days was born a partnership between two of the most important and representative Italians companies of karting. The TM racing from Pesaro, historic brand manufacturer of kart engines and...
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Aci Sport
italian f k4 championship powered by abarth drudi gets race k2 lance stroll again race k3
Italian F.4 Championship powered by Abarth Drudi gets Race 2, Lance Stroll again in Race 3
01-07-2014 | Lance Stroll (Prema Power Team) ended on a high the second round of the Italian F.4 in Imola, strengthening his leadership obtained earlier in the weekend. A very good Matteo Cairoli (Antonelli Motorsport)...
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muizzuddin ready for round k2 of the italian aci csai championship at the international circuit of napoli
Muizzuddin ready for round 2 of the Italian Aci-Csai Championship at the International Circuit of Na...
23-06-2014 | After claiming a podium finish at Muro Leccese, Malaysian racer takes the third overall place in the drivers' standings and aims to the top this weekend. After having claimed a third and a fifth place...
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cold stone us grand nationals sponsors confirmed
Cold Stone Us Grand Nationals sponsors confirmed
03-06-2014 | “Support from the karting community abounds”. After the announcement that Cold Stone Creamery would be the presenting sponsor of the 2014 Rotax MAX Challenge United States Grand Nationals, MAXSpeed Group...
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wsk super master series muro leccese the pole sitters are thonon praga parilla kz2 hanley art gp tm kf and serravalle tony lke k60mini kfj beckmann tony vortex ahead
In WSK Super Master Series in Muro Leccese the pole-sitters are Thonon (Praga-Parilla KZ2), Hanley (Art...
27-04-2014 | Live on the web on wsk.it tomorrow. The delayed broadcast on Rai Sport 2 on 30th April. The WSK victories nearly awarded in La Conca. There is only one day left before the end of the WSK Super Master Series....
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ivan grigoryev to face new challenge the wsk
Ivan Grigoryev to face a new challenge in the WSK
21-03-2014 | Russian racer set to the first round of the Master Series at the Sarno track under the banner of iFast Management. Ivan Grigoryev is set to face a new challenge as he will take part in the first out of...
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Praga Kart
italy has praga covered with adria raceway dealer
Italy has Praga covered with Adria Raceway dealer
01-03-2014 | Praga Cars has a new dealer. Not just any, somewhere and another one. This one in Italy possess perfect racing background and its own circuit. On 25th February 2014 Adria International Raceway became an...
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muizz to make his first k2014 track appearance
Muizz to make his first 2014 track appearance
14-02-2014 | Malaysian driver set to take part in the Muro Leccese's Top-Drivers Trophy. “Start your engines”… Muizzuddin Musyaffa Abdul Gafar set to hit the track at Muro Leccese (Italy) for the first race of 2014...
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the brand new web site by wsk promotion dedicated to aci csai formula k4 italian championship is now on line
The brand new web site by WSK Promotion dedicated to ACI-Csai Formula 4 Italian Championship is now on...
09-02-2014 | Have a look on www.f4championship.com
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Hotel Julia
08-04-2013 | The Hotel Julia is just a few meters  from the wonderful  beach of the Lido degli Estensi, and placed in the centre of the lido, at the beginning of the main street Viale Carducci, where you...
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U-18 & Academy: Preparations underway
Some sixty drivers converged upon Jesolo (ITA) on 3 and 4 June, for a familiarisation session ahead of...

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