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ivan grigoryev to face new challenge the wsk iFAST MANAGEMENT
Ivan Grigoryev to face a new challenge in the WSK
Russian racer set to the first round of the Master Series at the Sarno track under the banner of iFast Management. Ivan Grigoryev is set to face a new challenge as he will take part in the first out of the three rounds of the WSK Master Series next weekend, at the International Circuit of Sarno, Italy. Russian youngster, after a brilliant 2013 season, will aim to the top in the 60 Mini class again, racing for former champion Danilo Rossis squad,...

circuito internazionale napoli sarno s track italy is the home of wsk master series rd k1 k2014 karting Circuito Int. Napoli
Circuito Internazionale Napoli, Sarnos track (Italy) is the home of WSK Master Series Rd. 1 2014, karting.
With over 200 helmets on track another Volcano works for the future of motosport. A new Karting event will start in Sarno (ITA) at Circuito Internazionale Napoli. The amazing first round of WSK Master Series 014, that will be held in Sarno with finals on next march 23. The Circuito Internazionale Napoli in Italy as know as Sarnos track, enhance the WSK Master Series that blasts into the 2014 season with over 200 helmets on track, starting the new...

the international circuit napoli sarno will host the first round of the wsk super master series next weekend over k200 entrants are taking part the event which will be broadcast live by wsk it on sunday k23rd WSK
The International Circuit Napoli in Sarno (I) will host the first round of the WSK Super Master Series, next weekend. Over 200 entrants are taking part in the event, which will be broadcast live by wsk.it on Sunday 23rd.
The TV delayed broadcast on Rai Sport next week and special report on Friday 28th. The WSK Super master Series starts in Sarno. The International Circuit Napoli in Sarno (Salerno, Italy) is the venue of the WSK Super Master Series 2014 season-opener. Engines are about to be turned on for the beginning of the racing season, which starts next weekend on the 1,699 metres of the southern Italian track. All top teams and drivers from all around the world...

the final wsk champions cup round muro leccese the victory goes to pex nl crg tm kz2 basz pl tony vortex kf fewtrell gb fa kart vortex kf junior and gafar mal hero lke k60mini WSK
In the final WSK Champions Cup round in Muro Leccese the victory goes to Pex (NL CRG-TM KZ2), Basz (PL Tony-Vortex KF), Fewtrell (GB FA Kart-Vortex KF Junior) and Gafar (MAL Hero-LKE 60Mini).
On Wednesday 12th March at 06:00pm the delayed broadcast of the Finals on Rai Sport 2. The WSK karting presents its first winners of 2014 on Rai Sport 2. The winners list of the 2014 WSK Promotion season has got its first entries after the season opener event: the WSK Champions Cup. The short and thrilling series, with just two rounds on schedule both hosted by the International Circuit La Conca in Muro Leccese (Lecce, Italy), was only decided after...

muizzuddin takes wsk champions cup title MUIZZUDDIN
Muizzuddin takes WSK Champions Cup title
Muizzuddin Musyaffa Abdul Gafar claimed his first European title as he won the Muro Lecceses WSK Champions Cup second race at the La Conca track today, after having finished fourth in the first round last week. Gamoto Racings Malaysian emerged in the Hero-LKE-Vega as one of the fastest in the heats, eventually finishing tenth. 12-year-old racer, who ended second in the Sunday prefinal race, managed to take the first place in the final ahead of his...

the wsk champions cup muro leccese pole sitters ardigo tony vortex kz2 mazepin rus tony vortex and nielsen dk kosmic vortex kf serravalle cdn tony lke and dalkiran tr top parilla k60mini WSK
The WSK Champions Cup in Muro Leccese pole sitters: Ardig (I Tony-Vortex) in KZ2, Mazepin (RUS Tony-Vortex) and Nielsen (DK Kosmic-Vortex) in KF, Serravalle (CDN Tony-LKE) and Dalkiran (TR - Top-Parilla) in 60Mini.
Prefinals and Finals live on the web on Sunday at 10:40am. Just a step away from victory in WSK. The preliminary phase is over and drivers are ready to challenge each other on the track where the first success of the WSK season is going to be reached.  The second and last round of the WSK Champions Cup finishes tomorrow in Muro Leccese (Italy); the Series takes place on the track of the La Conca facility and it is reserved to four categories....

wsk champions cup is approaching the finishing line on sunday k9th march the finals muro leccese live on wsk it WSK
WSK Champions Cup is approaching the finishing line. On Sunday 9th march the Finals in Muro Leccese live on wsk.it.
Today polesitters: Janker (D Zanardi-Parilla KF), Hanley (GB Art GP-TM KZ2) and Ticktum (GB Zanardi-Parilla KF2). Delayed broadcast on Rai Sport 2 on March 12th. La Conca hosts the decisive weekend of the WSK Champions Cup. There are no pauses in the race towards the WSK Champions Cup. After the first round which took place last week and had a huge success, international karting meets once again at the facility of Muro Leccese (Italy) for the...

the second and last round of the wsk champions cup on sunday k9th march at conca the event live streaming on wsk it WSK
The Second and last round of the WSK Champions Cup on Sunday 9th March at La Conca. The event live in streaming on wsk.it.
On RaiSport 2, on 5th March at 06.00pm, the delayed broadcast of last Sunday's first round. A great WSK first seasons round on RaiSport 2. After the spectacular show seen last Sunday on the International Circuit La Conca, fans will be able to enjoy once again the thrilling finals of the WSK Champions Cup thanks to the delayed broadcast on Rai Sport 2, tomorrow 5th March at 06.00pm. The public on the stands of the facility in Muro Leccese enjoyed...

the winners of the wsk champions cup of conca are lorandi tony kart tm kf hanley gb artgp tm kz2 ahmed gb fa kart vortex kfj and fusco lenzo kart lke the k60 mini WSK
The winners of the WSK Champions Cup of La Conca are Lorandi (I Tony Kart-TM) in KF, Hanley (GB ArtGP-TM) in KZ2, Ahmed (GB FA Kart-Vortex) in KFJ and Fusco (I Lenzo Kart-LKE) in the 60 Mini.
All the Finals on RaiSport 2 on 5th March at 06.00pm. The WSK Champions Cup sets the stand on fire at La Conca. A spring-like sun has been shining all day long on the International Circuit La Conca, where the first round of the WSK Champions Cup of karting has just finished. The stand of the Italian facility was overcrowded with spectators who were able to enjoy a series of thrilling races. Mechanics and technicians of the teams had to work hard to...

races started the wsk champions cup WSK
Races started in the WSK Champions Cup.
Nielsen (DK Kosmic-Vortex) and Fusco (I Lenzo-LKE) dominate the  heats in KF and 60 Mini. Duel between Ardig and Camponeschi (I Tony Kart-Vortex) in KZ2, and among many drivers in KFJ. Finals in live web on wsk.it and delayed on RaiSport2 on 5th March at 6:00pm. Rain challenges WSK drivers at La Conca. WSK drivers had the upper hand over the bad weather. Today's schedule was tight and the heats took place under different weather conditions....

the wsk promotion karting season starts conca with double event the wsk champions cup from k27th february to k9th march WSK
The WSK Promotion karting season starts in La Conca with a double event: the WSK Champions Cup from 27th February to 9th March.
200 entrants - a parade of champions coming from 30 countries and from four continents - for the four categories. Live web on 2nd March on the official website www.wsk.it. Delayed broadcast next week from Rai Sport. WSK "double" start at La Conca for the 2014 season. The international circuit La Conca is ready to host the 2014 opening event of WSK Promotion karting season. The WSK Champions Cup is taking place on the racetrack of Muro Leccese next...

acisport and wsk promotion announce that pirelli is the official tyre supplier of the formula k4 WSK
Acisport and Wsk Promotion announce that Pirelli is the official tyre supplier of the Formula 4.
The category is going to achieve high level of technical performance: drivers and teams are eager to partecipate in the championship and almost all the entry slots for the 2014 season have been filled. Pirelli is the official formula 4 tyre supplier. The new Formula 4 Italia is getting into gear. As announced, the new tyre supplier was appointed yesterday: all the Formula 4 single-seater cars are going to race on Pirelli tyres during the forthcoming...

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