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dorian boccolacci the first title kf DorianBoccolacci
Dorian Boccolacci: the first title in KF
June has just begun and Dorian Boccolacci has already conquered his first title of the 2013 season by winning the WSK Euro Series, a high-level international championship consisting of four meetings. This young driver from Equipe de France FFSA Karting, who was already the leader after the second round in Spain, has remained focussed up to the closing meeting, last weekend in Belgium, where he faced the best drivers of the world, very often more experienced...

crg dominates wsk euro series kz1 verstappen gets the title fore the last final genk CRG
CRG dominates WSK Euro Series 'KZ1, Verstappen gets the title, For the last final in Genk
Davide For gets the last KZ1 final of the season in Genk in a CRG triumph, with Jonathan Thonon good second. Max Verstappen, winner of the first final, as the fresh champion produced a stunning recover in race 2. Troubled weekend for Tiene in KF and Dionisios in KFJ. CRG showed on track an absolute dominion in Genk's last round of the WSK Euro Series in KZ1, which culminated in Final 1 victory worth also the well deserved title for Max Verstappen...

verstappen nl crg tm kz1 and negro dr tm kz2 win final k1 of the wsk euro series genk b WSK
Verstappen (NL CRG-TM KZ1) and Negro (I - DR-TM KZ2) win Final 1 of the WSK Euro Series in Genk (B).
Nielsen (DK Kosmic-Vortex KF) and Beckmann (D Zanardi-BMB KFJ) take centre stage in the heats. Live streaming on www.wsk.it on Sunday. The WSK TV Magazine on RaiSport on Friday 7th June. Surprising results in the WSK Euro Series of Genk. WSK Euro Series 2013 is approaching its final phase. There are still few points to be awarded in Sundays finals. The round of the Series is hosted by the 1,350 meter long Horensbergdam Circuit in Genk, in Flanders,...

mission accomplished for crg and max verstappen the new wsk euro series kz1 champions CRG
Mission accomplished for CRG and Max Verstappen: the new WSK Euro Series KZ1 Champions
Max Verstappen won the first of the two finals in Belgium and secured early the title. Scary incident to Tiene in KF but the italian suffered only an arm contusion. All the finals to close Genk's round on sunday morning. The sought after sun rays eventually lit Genk for the fourth and last round of the WSK Euro Series that this weekend is going to crown in Belgium its champions. After some cold days, the first sun-ray arrived on Saturday afternoon...

genk b the superpoles of the wsk euro series are achieved by nielsen dk kosmic vortex kf and kari sf fa kart vortex kfj WSK
In Genk (B) the Superpoles of the WSK Euro Series are achieved by Nielsen (DK - Kosmic-Vortex KF) and Kari (SF FA Kart-Vortex KFJ).
Pole position for De Brabander (NL Maranello-TM KZ1) and Negro (I DR-TM KZ2). On Sunday 2nd june live streaming on www.wsk.it, and on Friday 7th June the WSK TV Magazine of RaiSport. The qualifying session of Genk is not consistent with predictions. A kart race is always unpredictable, and the one organized by WSK Promotion this weekend in Genk (B) shows once more how steady the rule is. Qualifying took place on the 1,350 meters long circuit near...

great finale for the wsk euro series at the weekend of k2nd june genk belgium WSK
Great finale for the WSK Euro Series at the weekend of 2nd June in Genk (Belgium).
Verstappen (CRG-TM KZ1), Boccolacci (Energy-TM KF), Zanchetta (Maranello-TM KZ2) and Norris (FA Kart-Vortex KFJ) are the category leaders. On Sunday 2nd June live streaming on www.wsk.it. On Friday 7th June the WSK TV magazine on RaiSport. The WSK Euro series is moving fast towards the finishing line. One more round before the end of the 2013 WSK Euro Series, at its 8th edition under the aegis of WSK Promotion, which has been organizing the event...

the european cik fia kz and kz2 championship concludes wackersdorf d its first round with the victories of verstappen crg tm kz and negro dr tm kz2 WSK
The European CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 Championship concludes in Wackersdorf (D) its first round with the victories of Verstappen (CRG-TM) in KZ and Negro (DR-TM) in KZ2.
On Rai Sport 2 the pre-recorded broadcasting on Tuesday 21st and the special report on Friday 24th. The winners of the first round. In the presence of the President of CIK-FIA, Shaik Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalif, and of the Vice President, Mr. Kees van de Grint, the CIK-FIA European Karting Championship KZ and KZ2 gave its first verdicts on the Bavarian circuit in Wackersdorf (D). Great expectations for the winners of the two categories that are now...

the cik fia kz and kz2 european championship of wackersdorf d verstappen crg tm kz zanchetta maranello tm kz2 and negro dr tm kz2 grab the pole positions for tomorrow s prefinals WSK
In the CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 European Championship of Wackersdorf (D) Verstappen (CRG-TM KZ), Zanchetta (Maranello-TM KZ2) and Negro (DR-TM KZ2) grab the pole positions for tomorrow's prefinals
In live streaming on cikfiachampionship.com and cikfia.tv. Ready for the final phase in Wackersdorf. The CIK-FIA karting European championship is about to celebrate its first race winners in Wackersdorf (Germany), venue of the first round of the KZ and KZ2 championship. Tomorrow, on the Bavarian circuit, the final phase at the end of a long series of qualifying heats which took place today. 140 drivers coming from 22 different countries participated...

jorrit pex crg tm kz and riccardo negro dr tm kz2 are pole position at the cik fia kz and kz2 european championship wackersdorf d WSK
Jorrit Pex (CRG-TM KZ) and Riccardo Negro (DR-TM KZ2) are in pole position at the CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 European Championship in Wackersdorf (D).
On Sunday 21st the final phase live in streaming on www.cikfiachampionship.com and www.cikfia.tv. On Rai Sport races on 21st May at 21:00 and special report on 24th. Time for qualifying in Wackersdorf. The event of Wackersdorf (Germany) begins with the first qualifying sessions on the 1,222 metre long circuit in Bavaria, 150 kilometres from Munich. So, the first round of the CIK-FIA European Championship for the KZ and KZ2 categories has already moved...

energy corse leader of the two wsk series ENERGY
Energy Corse leader of the two WSK Series
There are not many international teams with such a prestigious list of achievements over the last five years. Victory is definitely in Energy Corse's DNA: CIK-FIA championships, WSK series, German Championship, and major international classic races are as many opportunities for the Italian brand to see its drivers climb onto the podium. Over the last few weeks, Energy and its driver Dorian Boccolacci have triumphed in the WSK Euro Series at Sarno...

shwartzman on the wsk podium again forza-racing
Shwartzman on the WSK podium again!
The third and penultimate round of the WSK Masters series (4/5 May) saw Forza Racings Robert Shwartzman carry his successful form from Sarno to Precenicco and take another KFJ podium. Just as he had done in his previous race with Jamie Croxfords Forza Racing team, Robert went straight into the Super Pole shoot-out, ultimately placing 9th overall in a close and tense session. Bouncing back from a time penalty in the opening heat - for what the...

after the round of precenicco udine italy the wsk master series is at its final round with verstappen nl crg tm kz2 boccolacci f energy tm kfj lorandi tony kart parilla kfj and martinez hero lke k60 mini leading their categories WSK
After the round of Precenicco (Udine - Italy), the WSK Master Series is at its final round with Verstappen (NL CRG-TM KZ2), Boccolacci (F Energy-TM KFJ), Lorandi (I Tony Kart-Parilla KFJ) and Martinez (E Hero-LKE 60 Mini) leading their categories
The final sprint of the WSK Master Series. Scores and standings: that's what the WSK Master Series is dealing with now, with only one round remaining. The racetrack in Precenicco (Udine - Italy), that hosted the third out of four rounds of the season, gives way to Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia - Italy), the venue - on 14th July - of the final event of 2013 season. It is time for the favorites and the long shots to decide their strategies.

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